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If you are buying a home or developing your BTL portfolio, here are important reasons why you need a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Without a Will

  •  Your property and assets won’t automatically go to the people you want.
  •  If you are not married your partner will not inherit any assets that are not jointly owned.
  • If your estate is worth over £270,000 your spouse will not automatically inherit all of your estate.
  • A friend or family member will need to apply to administer your estate.
Without a Lasting Power of Attorney

  • If you lose capacity your assets are frozen, and even your spouse cannot get access to joint accounts.
  • If you lose capacity you will be unable to sell your home or take out a new mortgage/equity release.
  • Existing financial products are blocked, including pension drawdown, equity release drawdown or renegotiating your new mortgage deal.
  • If you need medical treatment, Social Services and healthcare professionals will decide what you need, not your loved ones.
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Investa Finance, has partnered with Honey Pro which is an estate planning platform maintained and provided by Honey Legal for the purposes of personal estate planning. 

Honey Legal accepts introductions from Investa Finance in relation to limited legal estate planning products.  Honey Legal will be responsible for all advice provided in relation to the estate planning products offered on Honey Pro. Find more information on Honey Legal by watching the video here  and by navigating to the About Us page of the site.